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How to make standing at your sit stand desk even more effective

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Investing in a sit stand desk can be a life changing event, especially if you are working in a very computer based job. We have all heard about how bad long periods of sitting is for you, and I can almost hear the heads nodding from those of us who have endured this!

As a health professional who spends much of my time helping other people to be healthier at work, I felt I had better walk the talk and changed my sitting desk to an electrically adjustable sit stand desk about 5 years’ ago. This was initially a life changing experience, but disappointingly, I started to get some low/mid back pain after 18 months, which was made worse by longer periods of sitting. My massage therapist asked me if I was locking my knees when standing at my desk, and sure enough, this seemed to be the issue. But how do you change it when you are standing in one position and focussed on the work in front of you?

Several years ago my colleague Jane was at an International Ergonomics Conference in Melbourne. One of the exhibitors there had some rocking boards called Steppie boards These are made in Denmark and basically allow you to rock gently from side to side whilst standing at your desk. Problem solved! It feels like the standing equivalent of sitting on a Swiss ball!

One of the challenges with getting hold of the Steppie has been the cost. Jane bought one from a supplier who stocks them in Australia. But it got me thinking about other options that could work.

There are round balance boards available, but these are really challenging to stay on without having to clench your toes and leg muscles, defeating the whole exercise.

The New Zealandversion is called the Rockit board I’m always keen to reduce freight and fuel costs with buying from overseas, and love to support innovative local producers. This is one of those. So, although they are still around a similar price to the Steppie, they have modified their board to be one which is not too curved, it now has a cork base for boards used in the office to reduce noise and a beautiful laminated oiled wood finish.

What’s not to like about that?

And if you don’t want it for your desk, you can always have one in the break out room for your staff to enjoy exercising on in the morning tea or lunch break. They look like a lot of fun!

Randa Abbasi is a New Zealand trained Occupational Therapist and owner / operator of WorkSpace IQ. Randa has over 25 years experience in leading and managing teams in the health sector and specializes in ergonomics, wellbeing, personal and professional development and clinical supervision.

Randa can be reached at WorkSpace IQ | Home

Mobile: 021 1971 060

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