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The full story

WorkSpace IQ was established in 2013, after the original business SitRight, WorkWell (Est. 2004) required a refresh and reset. People and businesses not only needed advice, education and guidance in creating healthy environments to work with, and within, but more recently, they require help with managing peoples’ health, productivity, performance and overall wellbeing. 

WorkSpace IQ incorporates every aspect of workplace sustainability to help workers

workwell, learnwell and livewell.



Our mission is to ensure no-one experiences pain, discomfort and/or injury in the work place and everyone has the ability to get on with and enjoy a balanced life.

We want people to flourish from having 'good' work and 'good' health.


To help clients achieve a balanced, rewarding and fulfilling life through work, education and meaningful occupation.  


Good work is good for health; good health is good for work. 


Knowledge is power.


Embrace challenges and barriers to enhance life.

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