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Applying neuroscience to build psychologically safe and thriving teams


Leading Above the line is a book about creating psychologically aware, responsible and safe workplaces where leaders and employees thrive.

If we are genuinely committed to employees doing their best work, fulfilling potential, achieving peak performance and thriving we must create positive workplace ecosystems to make that happen.

Never before have the importance of human relationships and the interpersonal climate we collectively create, been more critical to our professional lives and to an organisation’s success.


As a savvy leader…you are concerned by complex workplace challenges. Disengagement, low productivity, high turnover or incivility may add to an already demanding environment. Your team’s performance and wellbeing may be undermined by below-the-line functioning, hindering your organisation’s future success.


Leading above the line: Applying neuroscience to build psychologically safe and thriving teams provides practical insights and tools informed by neuroscience, psychological safety, emotional intelligence and mental health enabling you to:

· Lead yourself by cultivating self-leadership to optimise your cognitive and psychological agility, performance and wellbeing so you can be a powerful and positive influence for others.


You can’t lead others, if you can’t lead yourself.

· Lead your employees to shine, fulfil their potential, build on their strengths and feel valued and trusted while navigating our evolving, uncertain and complex world.

Leading relationships are crucial for performance, engagement and wellbeing.

· Create a thriving, high-performing team buoyed by an optimistic and appreciative climate where it’s safe to contribute and learn.


If you’re serious about fostering potential and wellbeing informed by a human-centred approach and are keen to elevate your workplace climate, use the easy-to-implement strategies in this book to grow your leadership above the line.

If you are interested in attending Michelle’s Leadership online workshop – see here (insert link to professional development page)

Leading above the Line

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